You can't buy talent,
but you can try.

About Music Thing

Rejected MT launch slogans:
  • "Talentless and proud!"
  • "The UK's #1 homemade synth, weird-shaped guitar and accordion source"
  • "Never mind the music, show me the gadgets."
  • "Often Wrong, Never in Doubt" (©Grand Royal Magazine)
  • "It's not about the music, it's about the gear"
  • "Flashing LEDs good, VU meters better"
  • "Not as good as it used to be"
  • "Don't tell your girlfriend how much it cost"

    What people are saying about Music Thing:
    "Truly filling a gaping hole on the pantheon of music journalism"
        Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    "Makes reading Sound on Sound feel like eating rust"
        Griff Le Riff
    (NB: If SoS is like eating rust, then reading
    MT is like drinking warm mayonnaise...)

    "Juicy dirt on electronic-music help
    you keep your finger on the pulse. Check it!"

    "Can you do 'Prince Day' every Tuesday?"

    Who does Music Thing?
    Music Thing is written in South East London by Tom Whitwell. Most of the really good stories are sent in by readers. It's been going since August 2004, and it currently gets about 1,000 2,500 5,000 visits a day.